Developer Submission: StickyMan bOttleship: the classic tabletop of your childhood, now with gangs!

Teen Games company presents to the gamers’ judgement yet another of its new titles. StickyMan bOttleship is an amusing experiment in mixing up two vastly different genres, an attempt to spruce up the well-structured gameplay of a tabletop with an unusual setting and a good dash of action.

Anyone who has ever played a round of battleship in their life, will easily grasp the setup and rules: two players, two game fields with an array of objects scattered around on them, each one consisting of a certain number of units, players taking turns shooting blindly until the opponent’s army is completely wiped out. Yet, adorned with the new decorations, the classic tabletop game is almost unrecognisable. The action now takes place not in the vast waters of an abstract ocean, but in a dingy two-room night club and the formulaic sea battle turns into a real scruple between two opposing gangs! With Molotov cocktail-filled bottles flying around and characters keeling over on the floor after a lucky hit, the familiar childhood game shows itself in a new light, proving to have plenty of thrill and inklings of a plot.

Graphics play a big role in this transformation. StickyMan bOttleship does a nice job combining deliberately schematic designs with flawless animation of attacks and explosions, making the setting feel cartoonish and the action — real.

StickyMan bOttleship is available in the Windows Store, which has free and paid versions for Windows Phone and Windows 10.

You can find other products developed by Teen Games on the company’s official website.

StickyMan bOttleship - Continuum Release
StickyMan bOttleship - Continuum Release
Developer: Teen Games LLC
Price: unknown

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