Developer Submission: One Messenger for Windows 10!

One Messenger
Facebook Messenger

All-In-One Messenger App for Windows 10. Use Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, WhatsApp Web and many more with this App. Get Notification when someone messaged you*! Set your own Personal password or use Windows Hello so that no one can access your app without your permission.

All-In-One App for Most Famous Social websites.  With an Exclusive Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger, Skype. you can enjoy it even more!

Sometimes it’s hard to connect with everyone to see their messages on different apps or websites. One Messenger solve this problem, you can chat with your friends on Skype, FB Messenger, WhatsApp without having to switch to different app or websites on PC.

Well you can say it is a web wrapper but it will give you more personalized web experience than just opening websites in your Browser! You can try it yourself and I am sure you’ll like it! You will also get Notifications* when you get messages from facebook messenger, skype, Group me… We also have bunch to settings to personalize your experience, all you want!


One Messenger
Facebook Messenger


Beautifully Designed for Windows 10. It also gives you better privacy protection than your browser because you are using it sandboxed(safer) mode which is secure than most browser. We assure you that we don’t save any kind of information about you. We store nothing about you. All are saved in your own machine if it is needed to be saved!

One Messenger let you view sites side by side without having to switch!
One Messenger Helps you to Connect to everyone easily and efficiently . You will never have to go to different apps to use them!  You don’t have to sign-in every time you open One Messenger too.
Give it a try, Maybe you will love it!
If you have any feedback about the app, Please contact us via mail or via twitter, we will love to hear your feedback!

*Due to limitations, this app does not have all the capabilities you might expect from a native app. The app must be running to receive notifications.

As said above We do not save Any information about you, You can See our Privacy Policy Below. if you are still concerned about the privacy policy Mail us and we will do our best to explain you!
Thank You!

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