Developer Submission: Keep your brain fit with Brain Coach – Mind games



You keep your body fit, so why not your brain? Brain Coach  – Mind Games is a set of games based on medical researches to improve cognitive skills and delay age-related memory loss. Cognitive skills refer to the abilities to gain meaning and knowledge from experience. Cognition is more then just learning information, it’s the ability to  process and apply it to other, previously acquired information.

User can choose between eight games. Every game strengthen brainpower in a different way.  We can find them by tapping the “Games List”. Training profiles can help develop skills users need the most by selecting appropriate games and displaying them in the “pending game” section.

Regularity and number of played games are rewarded with badges. Users can take advantage of brain facts and tips showed after every played game.

Application has two versions: FREE and PRO ($1.99). In the first one three games are available. In the second one users can play all eight games. Brain Coach has no limits of daily sessions. A few minutes a day spend on brain games gives you an opportunity to develop and have fun.

You can download it form here: Brain Coach FREE – Mind Games and here Brain Coach PRO – Mind Games.

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