Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen, Now Available

February 25, 2022

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen poster
The fifth year of Destiny 2 finally kicks off with the launching of The Witch Queen and the Season of the Risen last February 22.

The fifth year of Destiny 2 finally kicks off with the launching of The Witch Queen, along with the Season of the Risen. This paved the way for the continuation of an epic narrative in a diverse game mode and settings. Bungie brags that this is some of the top-notch work they’ve created in Destiny.

This does not only offer a brand new Season’s narrative. It also provides several new things to explore and dive into, including new weapons, gear, mechanics, challenges, ranks, Triumphs, and Seals, along with a lot of free content.

What’s New?

Destiny 2 boasts a definitive campaign where the Witch Queen empowers her followers with the Light. Players are taken to the seat of power of Savathûn’s and explore mysteries in the Throne World to conquer The Lucent Hive, a new brand of Light-wielding enemy.

The Throne World, however, comes with Lost Sectors, which have a challenging layout and could make way-tracking a little more tricky. There is also the Wellspring, a new matchmade activity for six persons that needs to be unlocked.  

Further, it has a new summit of campaign challenges, the Legendary Mode, which comes with rewards. Another new with Destiny 2 is the Glaive which players could use for melee combos, fire projectiles, and shields. The Glaive is the sole melee weapon that payers could wield in first-person. Another feature that players would be checking out in Destiny 2 is crafting, which allows players to build the most suitable weapon. And this includes the Glaive.

The story continues, the battle begins

With the Witch Queen’s arrival, now in possession of the stolen Light, the Vanguards teams up with Empress Caiatl, their Cabal ally. The Guardians would have to conquer throngs of enemies in the PsiOps battlegrounds with a light-suppressing technology.

This makes the Seasonal Artifact doubly needed. It does not only customize the player’s style by unlocking mods. Its light-suppressing technology would also be crucial in the battle to penetrate the enemy’s minds.  

Further, players get to use the Void subclass for free, which had been totally updated to access the power of Aspects and Fragments and was first introduced by Stasis. There are three new Aspects to select in each class, along with more Fragments for a customized design.  

Meeting the Challenges

The new season narrative uncovers weekly. Season of the Risen presents sets of challenges per week which the players could start on as soon as they complete the initial chapter of the expansion. In its first week, players are taken on challenges in brand-new locations.

Rewards that could be earned through the Season of the Risen include Bright Dust, XP, and the new Insight. More of these weekly objectives could be expected throughout the season. Completion could earn players rewards. Another thing players need to know is that there is no need to level up to access the new content because with this, all players (whether new or returning) get to start at the Power Level of 1350.

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