The glitch that allows Destiny 2 players to cram 12 Guardians into activities such as strikes and raids, is known about, but around for a little while longer to enjoy. 

“We’ve been watching the 12-player raid hype and are glad you’re enjoying yourselves.” Bungie Community Manager Cozmo said in this weeks This Week At Bungie post. 

“We aren’t rushing out a fix for this and it’s totally fine if you want to try it out and have some fun. Just keep in mind that we didn’t create these activities expecting a clown car of Guardians to roll up, so you may experience some weirdness.” Cozmo went on to say. 

To execute the glitch, you need one full fireteam of Guardians to join another at an exact point before an activity starts. Two seconds before to be precise. The trick is rather tricky to pull off, however, it’s well worth the effort for the chaos that ensues. 

Unfortunately, this bumper Guardian bonanza won’t be around forever as they’re “planning on fixing this before Grandmaster Nightfall’s begin on March 16” Cozmo writes.