Designer renders an improved Surface Duo 2

by Surur
May 24, 2020

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We heard recently that Microsoft is making a push to ready the Surface Duo for release this year, but that they are also working on the next generation of products, as can be seen by a recent job posting.

We’re looking for a talented program manager who will drive end-to-end scenarios and features for Surface Duo and future products. Strong technical, communication, and project management skills are required to be successful in this role.

The leaked specs of the Surface Duo suggests the device does leave something to be desired, featuring a last-generation processor, only one regular camera with no flash, no NFC and no 5G.

Now German publication Ratenzahlung-online has posted a realistic concept of what the second generation of the device may look like.

Their version addresses the deficiencies by offering smaller bezels, more cameras and a flash, an external screen for notifications and 5G technology.

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Of course, in 18 months time (when the Surface Duo 2 is released) I suspect flexible folding screens will be a well-established technology, and a dual-pane device will appear dated, no matter what the specs.

What do our readers think will be the future of the next Surface phone? Let us know below.

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