Dell’s new XPS 27 aims to be the best sounding All in One PC you’ll buy

January 5, 2017

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If Microsoft’a Surface Studio is the All in One PC for artists, Del’s new XPS 27 wants to be the All-in-One for Audiophiles.

Equipped with a sound bar which includes 10 speakers, Dell hails it as having the best “the best sound for an All-in-one PC.”

On paper, the Dell XPS 27 certainly looks interesting. With a 27 inch IPS LCD 4K Ultra HD display which Dell claims has 64 times the amount of color in conventional All in One panel set ups. Most interestingly, the XPS 27 comes with a novel 10 speaker set up.

Dell elaborated on each one of the speakers, noting that it has:

  • Two tweeters [Note – speakers for producing high audio frequencies] produce clean high notes and crystal clear voices with lively, yet accurate stereo imaging.
  • Four full range drivers provide a powerful punch and clear, accurate midrange.
  • Two passive radiators reinforce the lows, packing the rich, full sound of a larger speaker into the sleek built-in design and provide deep bass.
  • An additional pair of independent, down-firing full range speakers are tuned to work in conjunction with the stereo drivers to fill the room with sound.
  • • Dynamic amplifiers sense the power used by the driver to adapt known speaker modeling parameters to the content being played and avoid excursions.

The XPS 27 isn’t just a one-hit wonder however, it comes with a 27 inch 4K Ultra HD display, Windows Hello Support, either an Intel i5 processor or an i7, paired with up to 32GB of RAM.

Like the Inspiron gaming laptops, it is available on the 5th of January, with prices starting from $1,499.

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