Deal Alert: Unlocked Alcatel Idol 4S is now only $224.99 on Amazon USA

by Surur
August 16, 2017

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile may not boast many flagships, but the Alcatel Idol 4S – which we described as a “superb phone” upon review— is one of them.

The Idol 4S, which initially launched at over $400, is now down to the much more realistic and approachable price tag of $224.99 on Amazon’s US site for the unlocked model, $50 cheaper than the last $272 deal from a few months ago.

For that price, you’ll be picking up a very capable, very modern device which offers the best of what Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile has to show. You’ll be getting a 5.5-inch FullHD display, a fingerprint scanner, a capable camera and support for Windows 10 Mobile updates for the near future at the least. Of course, if Windows 10 Mobile isn’t your cup of tea due to the app gap or concerns over future app, OS and device support, then you’ll be wise to look elsewhere.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in this handset, you can check it out at Amazon here.

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