Deal Alert: The entire Saints Row series is up to 75% off in the Xbox Summer Sale

by Ash
July 22, 2019

Are you missing any of the Saints Row collection? Or are you just looking to get up to some explosively ridiculous shenanigans this summer (or winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere)? You’re in luck – the entire Saints Row series is on sale on the Xbox Store.

The best part? Every single game is playable on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

That means if you haven’t made the upgrade from the 360 to the One yet, you can still join in the fun and complete your collection.

On the other hand, if you’re enjoying your One console, all the games are either accessible through the backward compatibility program or have their own Xbox One versions.

The first Saints Row game was only ever released on Xbox 360 and certain Java-enabled mobile phones, so getting it on Xbox is now the only way to play it.

While we don’t have a Saints Row 5 yet, we do have Gat Out Of Hell, which is both technically DLC for Saints Row IV and a standalone game.

You don’t need to play any of the previous games to enjoy it – just be aware that playing it first (and even just watching the musical trailer below) can spoil the events of the past four games for you.

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The Saints Row series follows the story of the gang known as the Third Street Saints, from their humble beginnings all the way to somehow winding up as the government of the United States. Each instalment gets increasingly ridiculous. You’ve been warned.

You can get the first Saints Row from the Microsoft store here, Saints Row 2 here, Saints Row: The Third here, Saints Row IV here, and Gat Out Of Hell here.

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