How to watch Crunchyroll on Prime Video Channels, now that it’s official

October 24, 2023

Sony’s esteemed anime streaming service, Crunchyroll, has penned a global distribution agreement with Amazon, making a grand entrance on Prime Video. This collaboration unchains Crunchyroll’s massive library of 24,000 hours of content on Amazon’s video platform, marking a significant milestone in the realm of digital streaming.

Crunchyroll comes to Prime Video users in the US for now

As of now, Crunchyroll is up and running via Prime Video Channels in the United States, with imminent launches in Canada, Sweden, and the U.K. slated for this week. The service will continue to unfurl across additional territories through 2024. Anime aficionados can choose between two Crunchyroll memberships: Fan ($7.99/month) or Mega Fan ($9.99/month). Both memberships promise an ad-free streaming experience along with access to new episodes shortly after they air in Japan. An extra perk for Mega Fan subscribers is the ability to download titles for offline viewing, with Amazon teasing “additional non-video benefits” to be introduced soon.

Crunchyroll’s versatile app, already available on 13 platforms including web, gaming consoles, Roku, and Amazon’s Fire TV line, extends its reach further through Prime Video Channels. Subscribers can now explore Crunchyroll on a plethora of devices ranging from smart TVs, set-tops to Blu-ray players.

This month also saw Crunchyroll unveiling a free, ad-supported anime channel in the U.S., in conjunction with partners including Amazon’s Freevee, further enriching the anime landscape.

Boasting over 1,300 series and films, and encapsulating 46,000 show episodes, Crunchyroll is home to more than 50 new titles this fall anime season. Noteworthy mentions include the fantasy adventure series “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” action-packed “Jujutsu Kaisen,” and the long-standing epic “One Piece.”

Terry Li, Executive VP of emerging business at Crunchyroll, expressed enthusiasm about welcoming new fans into the anime community through this launch on Prime Video Channels. He highlighted the diversity of genres available on Crunchyroll, from sports and romantic comedy to horror and action, ensuring there’s something for every anime enthusiast.

For Amazon, this distribution deal aligns with its strategy to morph Prime Video into a hub for multiple streaming subscriptions. Matt Cohen, head of content acquisition and partnerships for Prime Video Channels, emphasized the ease with which Prime members can now stream anime content on Prime Video.

The emergence of Crunchyroll on Prime Video Channels not only accentuates Amazon’s robust streaming strategy but also underscores the expanding footprint of anime globally. As Crunchyroll melds with Amazon’s flourishing ecosystem, the anime community is set for an exhilarating adventure, making premium anime content more accessible than ever before.

How to start watching Crunchyroll on Amazon Prime

  1. Subscribe:
    • Ensure you have an Amazon Prime membership.
    • Go to Prime Video Channels, find and subscribe to Crunchyroll (Fan at $7.99/month or Mega Fan at $9.99/month).
  2. Access Content:
    • Browse or search for anime titles directly on Prime Video under Crunchyroll.
  3. Stream or Download:
    • Stream your chosen titles or, if you’re a Mega Fan subscriber, download them for offline viewing.

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