You can now create your own movie watchlist in Google Search

April 22, 2020

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Google today announced a new feature to help you keep track of what to watch next with the new Watchlist in Search. When you come across a TV show or movie to watch, you need to note it down and then check whether the content is available across all your subscriptions. This is a time consuming and frustrating process. To help you such situation, Google is introducing a new Watchlist tab on mobile.

Here’s how this feature works:

  • Browse through personalized recommendations by searching “what to watch.”
  • Then, simply tap “Watchlist” in the preview window for any show or movie to add it to your list.
  • You can navigate between your recommendations and the “Watchlist” tab so you won’t lose track of what’s already been saved.
  • You can also add content to your Watchlist whenever you search for a show or movie.
  • To quickly access your full watchlist, search for “my watchlist” or tap on Collections in the Google app.

When we sit in front of our TVs, from an extensive list of new TV shows and movies available in various streaming platforms, it’s not always easy to choose which one to watch. To help you in such situations, Google last year announced a new feature through which you can get recommendations on what to watch. To use this feature, you need to first choose which TV and streaming subscription you already have. Once that is done, Google will offer you personalized recommendations on the content available for you.

Source: Google

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