Cramly AI Review: Is It Worth Trying?

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Cramly AI Review

This Cramly AI review might be a game-changer if you’re a student who wants to streamline writing.

I’ll discuss the platform’s main features, pricing, and more so you can decide if it’s worth your subscription.

Let’s begin.

What Is Cramly AI?

Cramly AI is a writing aid that speeds up the process for students and writers. It can complete assignments, produce academic essays, compose blog posts, and create a range of content, all while ensuring no plagiarism with its advanced AI algorithms.

This tool can also help you create a paragraph, solve multiple choices, create essay outlines, write a cover letter, generate a song, and elongate sentences.


Cramly has rich features which include:

Paragraph Assistant

Cramly Paragraph assistant

The paragraph assistant can generate relevant paragraphs for your written content. It’s ideal for writing essays, articles, or any other type of text just like ChatGPT. Simply add a prompt, and Cramly AI will produce a well-structured, informative paragraph. It’s perfect for brainstorming ideas, starting a writing project, or elaborating on specific details.

I asked it to explain in 30 words what a Kill Switch means in a VPN and the answer was correct. Also, you can check for plagiarism in the generated answers if you’ve upgraded.

Cramly Paragraph assistant results

Multiple Choice Solver

Cramly multiple choice solver

Cramly AI stands out with its special ability to solve multiple-choice questions like Scalenut. It’s helpful for students who need assistance with their assignments that have multiple-choice questions.

Just type in the question and the possible answers, and Cramly AI will show you the right one. This feature is great for studying for tests or just checking if your answers are correct.

It took less than 5 seconds to generate the right answer.

Cramly multiple choice solver results

Essay Outline

Cramly Essay Outline

The Essay Outline Generator is designed to assist you in structuring your essay effectively. This generator will create a detailed outline complete with bullet points after prompting it with your requirements. It works similarly to Anyword, Writesonic, and Rytr.

It simplifies the process of essay planning, allowing you to focus on developing your ideas and arguments cohesively.

Cramly Essay Outline results

Cover Letter Generator

Cramly cover letter generator

In addition to academic support, it offers a unique feature – cover letter drafting. 

All you need to do is provide specific details about the job you’re applying for. Cramly AI will generate a personalized cover letter tailored to meet the requirements of the position like Chatsonic. This feature streamlines the job application process and enhances your chances of standing out to potential employers. 

You can confidently approach your job search armed with a professionally crafted cover letter that showcases your qualifications for the role.

Cramly cover letter generator

Song Generator

Cramly song generator

This innovative Cramly AI feature generates original song lyrics tailored to the user’s preferences, unlike GPTZero. It’s an essential asset for musicians seeking inspiration or struggling with writer’s block. 

Users can prompt it to access creatively crafted lyrics to fuel their songwriting process. It generates verses and choruses neatly in a few seconds.

Cramly song generator results

Explain It To a Child

Explain to a child feature

Cramly AI is a tool that helps you simplify text so that it’s easier for a 5th grader to understand. It takes complex words and ideas and breaks them down into simpler terms.

It works similarly to However, for you have to prompt it to make the paragraph or text understandable.

Discussion Boards

Cramly AI also has Discussion Board features that enhance your participation in online discussions hosted by your tutor. If you’re struggling to contribute to a discussion, you can input either the teacher’s question or your classmates’ responses, and the AI will craft a suitable reply for you.

There are two types of discussion boards, Agree and Disagree. They are ready-made templates so there’s no need to instruct the tool, unlike ChatGPT where you’ll have to include all the details to get a better response. 

If you want to agree with the discussion, you can input your classmate’s response or the question on the Discussion Board (Agree). It will generate a response that agrees with the agenda.

Cramly AI's discussion board (Agree) feature

Alternatively, you can disagree with the discussion.

Cramly AI's discussion board (Disagree) feature

Sentence Elongator

Cramly AI sentence elongator

The Sentence Elongator is a feature designed to assist you in expanding your sentences to provide more detail and depth. Simply input a sentence, and the tool will generate a range of suggestions aimed at enriching and elaborating upon it.

It makes the process faster because you don’t have to add prompts like Frase.

Essay Paraphraser

Cramly AI's essay paraphraser

An essay paraphraser is a valuable tool for students and writers seeking to reword their content. It allows users to express the same ideas in different words to avoid plagiarism while maintaining the original message. 

However, Quillbot has better paraphrasing features like selecting the tone and deciding the number of synonyms you want for the final results.

How To Use Cramly AI

You can use Cramly AI by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the official Cramly AI website and tap on the Sign Up button available on the top right.
Cramly official website
  1. Create an account either through Google account or by adding your details manually.
Cramly sign up
  1. Tap Continue to proceed if you pick the Google sign-up method.
Cramly Google log in
  1. Pick a subscription plan and add your billing information or tap “Upgrade Later.”
Cramly pricing
  1. Your account is now ready for use.
Cramly account
  1. You can start rewriting any content of your choice.
Cramly rewiter

Cramly AI Pricing

Cramly Pricing

Cramly has two main prices, you can pay either monthly or annually. Both share the same features. It costs $19.99 per month which you can cancel anytime. You can also save big if you pay annually which costs $4.00 monthly. There’s also a 1-week free trial.

Cramly AI Review – Verdict

Cramly AI is a valuable tool for students and professionals who want to streamline their writing processes.  However, you can’t access other features like Maths Solver and long essay assistance without a premium account. Also, you can’t start a free trial before adding your billing information.

In addition to speeding up the writing process, it also helps to improve the overall quality of the content. The platform can catch grammar and spelling errors and suggest improvements to sentence structure and organization.

Hopefully, this Cramly AI review has covered all you wanted to know.

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