It’s getting started in here; it’s getting started, hah! The just-revealed CoD: Black Ops Cold War game is getting real weird with it’s cross-gen support. 

While the digital version of CoD Black Ops Cold War doesn’t appear to be cross-gen – unless you purchase the cross-gen bundle – you can get some cross-gen support depending on your console of choice.

Now, strap in, we’re going to need some f*@*ing bullet points: 

  • Xbox One physical copies cannot upgrade to Xbox Series X
  • PlayStation 4 physical copies can upgrade to PlayStation 5 for $10 but the PS4 version will be playable through backward compatibility
  • PlayStation 5 physical copies cannot be played on PS4
  • Xbox Series X physical copies include both Xbox Series X versions and Xbox One versions. 


I’m confused. Why? I had to make bullet points, Activision! You already DMCA’d us today, now you throw this crap at me? It’s almost 9pm! Anyways, thanks Wario 64 for the info.