Cloudflare’s free WARP VPN comes to Windows and MacOS

by Surur
April 2, 2020

Last year Cloudflare announced a new free VPN service called WARP, initially only available on mobile.

Now they have also brought the service to the desktop in beta.

Cloudflare says that their service will not be just another VPN. The WARP client for macOS and Windows uses the fast, efficient Wireguard protocol to secure Internet connections and keep them safe from being spied on by your ISP.

Their service uses UDP instead of TCP to reduce the need to retransmit and to be more resistant to poor connection quality. It also uses caching and compression and Cloudflare says, unlike other solutions, their service will, in fact, use less battery life and be faster than not using a VPN at all.

Cloudflare also promises to not record any personally identifiable logs or inject ads and plans to fund the service with a paid Warp+ premium service.

Just like WARP on the mobile app, the basic service will be free on macOS and Windows.

Cloudflare plans to add paid WARP+ support on the desktop in the coming months to allow users to leverage Cloudflare’s Argo┬ánetwork for even faster Internet performance.

They intend to provide a plan option for existing WARP+ subscribers to add additional devices at a discount. In the meantime, existing WARP+ users will be among the first to be invited to try WARP for macOS and Windows. If you are a WARP+ subscriber, check your app over the coming weeks for a link to an invitation to try the new WARP for macOS and Windows clients.

If you’re not a WARP+ subscriber, you can add yourself to the waitlist by signing up on the page here.

Via theVerge

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