Classic series character Chris Redfield found within Resident Evil 2’s files

January 28, 2019

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Resident Evil 2 is out in the wild and that means its fully open for exploitation. Within just a few days of release, modders have already found a secret character within the game’s files: Chris Redfield.

Posted on the Resident Evil Modding Forum, Chris Redfield is a perfectly playable character within the Resi 2 remake. The only downside to playing as the ol’ boulder-punching tough man is that he doesn’t quite know how to put his weapons away yet. Instead, Chris simply has his weapons gravitate towards him from the floor. He’s really that special.

Other than that slight issue, playing as Chris is no issue at all. Found by modder JTeghius Kittus and posted by user ZOMBIEALI, Redfield is now playable for all PC players. You can download the mod here.

What does Chris’ model inclusion mean for Resident Evil 2, though? Hopefully, we’ll see the eventual inclusion of the series’ iconic Mercenaries mode where you could play as classic Resi characters. After all, with the upcoming introduction of three new playable characters, there are already quite a few people to play as.

There is the possibility that Chris could be added as an addition to the game’s The Ghost Survivors game mode. However, with the canonical implication of Chris’ location during the events of Resident Evil 2, Capcom would need to develop entirely new areas for his inclusion.

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Source: Resident Evil Modding Forum

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