Microsoft updates Chromium based Edge with improvements to the InPrivate window

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for both Canary and Dev branch of Chromium-based Edge. The new update brings improvements to the InPrivate window which now has Bing search bar in the center.

The change was first spotted by Leo (via Techdows) who shared it on Reddit. The new design will allow users to directly input text into Bing rather than navigating to and then using the search engine. Unlike the search engine implementation on Chrome or Firefox, the Bing search engine does allow input and it’s not just a placeholder.

Apart from that, the InPrivate window also confirms that Edge will remove any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) before the data is sent to the servers so the identity of the user is not revealed. Microsoft also gives a link to the privacy settings which were introduced back at Build 2019. These settings allow users to take control of what data gets transmitted to the servers and even allows users to block ads and trackers.

As noted earlier, these changes are a part of the controlled rollout and should show up on Edge v80.0.353.0 and above.