Google is currently testing a feature that could make Chrome for Windows 10 even faster when using the back button.

The near-instant response is due to “back-forward cache”, currently only available on Chrome for Android, which caches a full copy of the last page in RAM, allowing the page to reload instantly on return.

“Back-forward cache is a browser feature which improves the user experience by keeping a page alive after the user navigates away from it and reuses it for session history navigation (browser back/forward buttons, history.back(), etc) to make the navigation instant. The pages in the cache are frozen and do not run any javascript,” Google noted.

The plan is to enable to feature by default on Chrome, but Google is wary of compatibility issues with dynamic pages on the desktop. Google is therefore testing it with a small number of Chrome users first over the next few months.

“We already shipped this feature for Android. We want to start experimenting with back-forward cache on desktop environments,” Google noted.

The feature can also be enabled by going to Chrome://flags.

via WindowsLatest