Chrome adds pull to refresh support for Windows 10 2 in 1s

February 23, 2018

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Google is making its browser more friendly to touch-friendly users.

Pull to refresh is a gesture that has been standard for refreshing content in mobile apps like Twitter and has even found its way to browsers on tablets and smartphones, but has yet to be implemented in the Chrome browser on Windows PCs — till now.

The firm has added a new flag in its Developer build of Chrome, accessible by entering this link in your browser Omnibox: chrome://flags/#pull-to-refresh.

Some users (via XDA Developers) have reported that Google’s ChromeOS already supports pull to refresh in Chrome OS version 63, but those reports have been inconsistent.

Google will no doubt be rolling out Pull to Refresh support for the Chrome stable browser in Windows 10 later this year, so touch users can expect to find Chrome a whole lot better to use.

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