The infamously cancelled Starcraft: Ghost has resurfaced through a leaked development build for an Original Xbox version of the game.

The long-awaited third-person shooter, which was in development between 2002-2006, was one of the most infamous cancelled video games of all time. Developed through a collaboration between Blizzard, Nihilistic Software and Swingin’ Ape, the title was allegedly cancelled due to the approach of next-gen consoles.

However, years after its cancellation, StarCraft: Ghost is playable on a modded Original Xbox. With gameplay, and downloadable builds, posted on YouTube – which have unfortunately been taken down – anyone with a soft-modded Original Xbox can play through an unfinished version of the game.

Of course, we won’t be providing download links for legal reasons but they’re definitely out there!

Since the cancellation of Ghost, Blizzard has seen numerous other cancellations that will hopefully see the light of day as well. From the cancelled MMO Titan, which eventually became Overwatch, to the cancelled Warcraft Adventures, there are a lot more Blizzard projects which would be cool to see.