Infinity Ward has added yet another new game mode to the new CoD title; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Grind mode. That’s right, the only good thing from Infinity Ward’s CoD: Ghosts is now in Modern Warfare. 

Announced via an all-new Call of Duty blog post by publisher Activision, the mode is available right this instant.

For CoD players who have never experienced Grind before, the new mode incorporates aspects from both Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint to create a more tactical Call of Duty experience.

“Grind combines rules from Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint adding multiple levels of tactics into an already tension-filled battlefield.

Kills in this mode must be confirmed by picking up dog tags from fallen players and taking them to an objective location to score points for your team. The objective rotates around the map making it even more of a challenge to earn points.

You can collect more than one dog tag as they are stackable, then deliver multiple tags to the objective at once. If you are killed while carrying dog tags, you will drop all of your tags, plus an additional one for yourself.

You can also collect tags of fallen teammates, similar to Kill Confirmed, to deny tag collection by the enemy team.”

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Infinity Ward’s dedication to adding more and more free content to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare earned the title a place on our Game of the Year list.