Bluetooth 4.0 support coming to Nokia Lumia 520,620 and 720 with Nokia Amber


7, 2013

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Well, here is a bit of a surprise. We were only expecting Bluetooth 4.0 with Bluetooth Low Energy support to come to Windows Phone with Windows Phone 8.1, but it seems Nokia Amber will bring a bit more than FM Radio support.

According to Nokia, Nokia Amber will bring Bluetooth 4.0 support, including explicitly support for Bluetooth Low Energy.  The low energy standard is used to communicate with accessories such as heart rate monitors, fitness monitors like the Fitbit, and temperature sensors.

Nokia revealed the information to at a blogger event at Hong Kong, and also noted that Nokia Amber will improve the sharpness of pictures in the Nokia Lumia 920, automatically improve the colour temperature of photos,  improve focussing times, keep photos sharp in the photo gallery even when zooming in, improve battery life, and of course a host of other improvements which we have heard of previously.

It is not clear if the Bluetooth improvements will also be coming to the Lumia 92x range.

Nokia Amber is expected to roll out in August to existing devices.

Thanks Damaster for the tip.

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