Bing for iOS updated with revamped home page

Microsoft has released a new update for its Bing app for iPhone. This new v6.20 update comes with a redesigned home page. Previously, Bing app’s home page had daily image as the background with a huge search button on the top center and hot links for movies, images, near me and restaurants on the bottom. With this update, Microsoft has added easy access to voice and camera search. They have also revamped the voice search to make it easy to use.

In addition, they have added a feed on the bottom half of the page. The feed will display latest news and it will learn from what you like to read over time. Microsoft is also giving the ability for users to explicitly dislike a story or the source it came from. They have to just tap on the “…” icon in the card to take those actions.

Download the updated app here from Apple App Store.