Beats By Dr. Dre Review

SAM_0093Have you ever wondered what great sounding headphones would be called? Well after two weeks of use, I have a name for you. The name I bring to you today is Beats by Dr.Dre SoloHD, and wow is it some serious high definition sound. For the time I have had this headphones, I have enjoyed my experience very much and everyone that noticed the biggish white headset’s I have on and they always ask if they were “those new headphones by Dr.Dre”. Regardless of what people think of this new product, this review is about what I think of it and if I would recommend it.


SAM_0096When you receive this monster of a headset (ironically made by Monster cables), you will notice right away that the presentation is very nice. They come in a great looking White or Black (depending on color you purchase) box with a giant picture of the Beats in front and on the side, a statement from the creator… Dr.Dre, Hip Hop producer. The Box contains a lot of information, a case, extra ordinary MP3 wires (alternative to the phone wires), and a cleaning kit. All these things add to the value of the product, and are made so you can take a special care for these expensive pair of ear speakers.


SAM_0105When it comes to the functions you get with these mobile ready Beats, it becomes a slight problem unless you’re an iPhone owner. These headphones come with some very nice controls for both music and for those important calls you might get while stuck in the land of high quality sounds. While playing music, you can use the conveniently placed play pause button to toggle your music. The double press function allows you to skip a song if you’re just not in the mood. Now the other functions like volume up and down that are supported by the headset do not actually work with Android/Windows Phone devices (Except the HTC HD2). This is a very weird situation, but it just does not, and only iPhone owners actually get this working flawlessly. The other function that is apparently iPhone exclusive is the Mic function (Except HD2 has it working too). The headset does not work with anything non apple, and you will not figure it out until you try making a call and no one hears you, while you hear them crystal clearly.

Sound Quality:

SAM_0101The sound quality for these pair of multimedia personal speakers is outstanding. When listening to my music, I seriously cannot hear anything else. The noise cancelation is great, with or without music playing and I actually tried to drive with these on… Not a good idea. If you are a Hip Hop, Country, Jazz, or Rap lover… These are perfect for you. You hear sounds with great quality and every little beat is captured by the speakers and the vocals sound like the person is sitting on your lap singing to you. Now when you get to rock and all those high pitched music, it is not as great. I honestly feel like I got a headache using these for Rock, and I could hear a little cracking in the audio when I listened to them with these on. Otherwise, these are the best pair of headphones for their price. Better than the Bose I had before and certainly better than whatever HTC ships with their phones.


SAM_0094These do not come cheap. They go for $199-$230 depending on which ones you would like to get. Personally I liked the $230 pairs because they are harder to break and generally more comfortable.

The prices are a bit steep for most, but think about it this way. With the new Windows Phone 7’s focus on great Zune integration, you should also focus on getter something that makes listening to music on your phone enjoyable. These pair of headphones does that and is hard to break, so they will last you at least a good year, unless you feel the need to drive over them.

The last benefit of having these pair of mobile speakers is what people will say when they see you with it. I have not had a day that walking around, someone did not come up to me and ask “Are those the Dre headphones, Can I try it really quick.” Usually my response is yes, because I have to let people know of how good music can sound on your phone, and to be honest, I just love seeing their faces when listening to something with these.


SAM_0089At the end of the day, it is hard to pay that much money for a pair of headphones that you might not use all the time, but if you want great audio from your device… You cannot go wrong with these. If I was asked to buy a pair of these, I would, without a doubt. My family members already put in their requests for Christmas presents and Beat’s is on the top of the list.

Function: 7/10 The play, pause, and next buttons work… But without a mic working correctly and the volume up and down functioning with my device, I feel like I am being cheated out of something I paid for.

Quality: 9/10 The sound quality is outstanding, and just being able to block anyone out of my head is my favorite part feature in these headphones, and make it well worth it. I took away a point because of the cracking I something experience with Rock music, but it is not as bad as you would think.

Price: 7/10 The price is really high up there for non wireless headphones. But again, it comes with a great style, great audio, and a well known brand that not many people own. Also take in consideration that I did not try these with a Windows Phone 7 device, so I have hope it will work with my HD7.

Would I recommend it? Yes, in a heartbeat.

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