Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will never stop being popular, and I imagine its popularity is going to skyrocket even more than before as the game has turned free-to-play.

To celebrate its new free status, CS: GO has introduced an all-new battle royale mode named Danger Zone. All players who already own the shooter will see their accounts upgraded to Prime Status. Prime Status players can earn XP in Danger Zone to earn exclusive weapons.

CS: GO’s Danger Zone isn’t a huge battle royale experience like Fortnite or PUBG – it’s much more reserved. Instead, players will be able to play Solo, Duos or Trios on a single map, Blackout, in 16 player matches. Squads feature 18 players.

Danger Zone rounds start by claiming a landing zone, similar to Ring of Elysium, and then completely contracts to earn cash. Just like standard Counter-Strike, you can then use that cash to purchase additional weapons.

This isn’t the game’s first experience in the free-to-play realm. September saw the release of a free version of the game that only allowed players to face off against bots. However, this is the real deal.

CS: GO is now available to play for free on Steam.