Battery details of the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11e leaked online

by Rahul
November 8, 2019

2020 is going to be a very busy year for Samsung as the Korean manufacturer has a lot of products to show to the world. In all likelihood, the Galaxy S11 series is going to be launched before any other Samsung smartphones and it could launch as early as Q1 of 2020.

While nothing major about the Galaxy S11 has come out yet, battery details about the upcoming Galaxy S11 and S11e have leaked online, courtesy of WinFuture. The Galaxy S11 might have a battery life as good as that of the Note 10+, yes… the S11 could be powered by a huge 4,300mAh battery — a significant jump from S10’s 3,400mAh power storage. On the other hand, the cheaper Galaxy S11, which will be dubbed S11e, might be powered by a 4,000mAh battery, as opposed to its predecessor S10e, which was powered by a 3,100mAh battery.

The Galaxy S11 series of smartphones will use a new 108MP Samsung image sensor, which will be different from the one that is present in the recently-launched Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10 flagship smartphone. Rumor also has it that the Galaxy S11 series of smartphones is going to create a new benchmark in camera performance.

Galaxy S11 is expected to feature a display with a weird 20:9 aspect ratio, slightly up from 19:9 on the Galaxy S10. This will make the display look a lot like the one you find on the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 as both A70 and A80 have a similar aspect ratio.

The Galaxy S11 is expected to be Samsung’s first flagship smartphone of the year 2020 and as usual, the expectation is also quite high.

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