Background For All Tabs[Sense]


3, 2010

Author WenWP // in News


Having to look at that same old black background in Sense is a little annoying after seeing their live wallpaper going strong on the Nexus One. Well one XDA member has gotten this new all tab background mod going, and it actually works. You select one background and it is replaced throughout the whole UI.

Version 0.6b4 – 4/20/2010 (recommended)
Manual crop and resize implemented.
Added "fake" transparency mode as a temporary fix for people having problem with the shell hack (boot failures). Only works for portrait mode.
Minor bug-fixes.
Version 0.5 – 4/18/2010
Re-wrote entire MOD to incorporate a new method for higher quality background images.
One .cab works for both resolutions WVGA and VGA.
Fancy new icon thanks to milski.
Version 0.4 – 4/10/2010
Misalignment issue corrected for VGA.
Minor bug fixes and error checking.
Version 0.3 – 4/10/2010
Fixed misalignment issue in WM 6.5.x builds .. Now works correctly in 6.5 and 6.5.x (WVGA only, VGA will come tomorrow).
Version 0.2 – 4/9/2010
VGA version now available thanks to mwalt2!
Minor bug-fix and method update.

Planned changes:
Lower memory consumption and higher stability for background refresh process.
Integrate into standard Sense UI menus.
Automatic background cycling from an album.
Thumbnail view when choosing backgrounds.
Task and menu-bar skin/color management (for interesting effects when using intermediate opacity levels).
Brightness/contrast adjustment and rotation support for images.
Different images for different Sense UI tabs.
Support for MaxSense UI when it is released (hopefully!).
Open to suggestions.

Download the UI

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