ATMs running Windows XP can be hacked using “Sticky Keys”

by Anmol
December 26, 2017

Microsoft didn’t had a great year with Wannacry hacks exposing the vulnerabilities of old Operating Systems like Windows XP which are not supported by the company. Now another vulnerability has been discovered by a Russian Employee. He shared the issue on the blogging website explaining that the ATMs operated by the state-owned bank Sberbank running Windows XP has inherent security vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by hackers.

According to the employee, the ATM’s interface can be bypassed by pressing Shift 5 times which triggers Sticky Keys. Once done, the hacker can gain access to the whole Operating System and deploy malicious software or modify ATM boot scripts.

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The banking company¬†Sberbank was informed weeks ago about the issue which hasn’t been fixed till now as the user tried the same hack again on the ATM. While Microsoft has urged banks to upgrade the software to Windows 10, it looks like not everyone has listened and followed their instructions.

Via: Tech Worm

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