At least 4 Snapdragon 8cx Windows 10 on ARM laptops coming to Europe next year

by Surur
June 2, 2019

Currently, Windows 10 on ARM PCs are rather thin on the ground in Europe, with only the now dated Snapdragon 835-powered ASUS NovaGo really available.

Now reports that this is set to change in the second half of the year and into the new year.

This is according to Don McGuire , Vice President of Global Product Marketing for Qualcomm, who said the Snapdragon 850-powered Lenovo Yoga C630 will soon be available in Europe, and also possibly a Huawei device, if the trade war allows.

Further, there will be at least 4 Snapdragon 8cx devices sold in Europe when laptops powered by that 5G chipset becomes available, likely either the very end of the year or early next year. Those devices will offer performance comparable to an Intel Core i5 processor while still offering advantages like 20 hr battery life and Always Connected computing.

Are our readers willing to give these new laptops a try, or will you stick with tried and tested Intel PCs? Let us know below.

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