ARM announces DynamIQ technology that will improve AI performance in its processors

ARM today announced DynamIQ technology that will change the multi-core ARM experience across a greater range of devices from edge to cloud across a secure, common platform. DynamIQ big.LITTLE carries on the ‘right processor for the right task’ approach. For example, 1+3 or 1+7 DynamIQ big.LITTLE configurations with substantially more granular and optimal control are now possible. This allows SoCs designed with right-sized compute with heterogeneous processing that deliver meaningful AI performance at the device itself.

If your device is going to do a lot of AI related tasks, you can choose a SoC which is optimised for solving those AI tasks using special hardware. For additional AI performance, there is improved access to accelerators with a dedicated low-latency port, resulting in up to 10x quicker response. This improved data transfer speed alongside higher data bandwidth, bolsters the overall throughput of a Compute Vision (CV) or ML system.

Read about some of the new features, capabilities and benefits DynamIQ will bring to new Cortex-A processors later this year:

  • New dedicated processor instructions for ML and AI: Cortex-A processors designed for DynamIQ technology can be optimized to deliver up to a 50x boost in AI performance over the next 3-5 years relative to Cortex-A73-based systems today and up to 10x faster response between CPU and specialized accelerator hardware on the SoC that can unleash substantially better combined performance.
  • Increased multi-core flexibility: SoC designers can scale up to eight cores in a single cluster and each core can have different performance and power characteristics. These advanced capabilities enable faster responsiveness to ML and AI applications. A redesigned memory subsystem enables both faster data access and enhance power management
  • More performance within restricted thermal budgets: Efficient and much faster switching of software tasks to match the right-sized processor for optimal performance and power is further enhanced through independent frequency control of individual processors
  • Safer autonomous systems: DynamIQ brings greater levels of responsiveness for ADAS solution and increased safety capabilities which will enable partners to build ASIL-D compliant systems for safe operation under failure conditions.

Learn more about DynamIQ technology here.

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