Apple to skip OLED displays and go with Mini-LED displays for future iPad and MacBook

September 30, 2019

Apple currently uses LCD displays with LED backlighting to offer high contrast ratio, deep blacks and bright whites in its MacBook and iPad products. While some Windows OEMs have started offering OLED displays in laptops, it looks like Apple will skip OLED displays for its iPad and MacBook. According to the latest report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release iPad and MacBook models with Mini-LED displays from late 2020 and mid 2021. These Mini-LED displays will feature approximately 10,000 LEDs for better color and contrast performance. They also enable thinner and lighter product designs when compared to OLED displays.

Another reason why Apple is moving towards Mini-LED displays instead of OLED displays in Samsung. Apple wants to reduce its dependency on Samsung. LG Display along with Epistar, Zhen Ding, Radiant Opto-Electronics, Nichia, Avary Holding, and TSMT will supply Mini-LED display panels and its related components.

Source: Macrumors

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