Apple settles $100 million developer class action lawsuit, but changes are not meaningful



Apple has proposed a settlement to a 2019 class-action Cameron et al v. Apple Inc lawsuit by app store developers with a number of changes that goes some way to help developers but does not go far enough to address Apple’s anti-competitive practices.

The most significant improvement is that Apple will now let developers contact users and inform them of ways to pay them directly without them having to pay a 30% cut to Apple.  Unfortunately, developers will not be able to inform users of these options inside the app, and will have to contact them via another channel (e.g. email) and will have to get the consent of users to collect their contact data, putting up several barriers to developers escaping the Apple Tax.

Other changes are less significant going forward and include:

Apple has spun the settlement as “updates that will support businesses and maintain a great experience for users.” Read their press release here.

via the verge

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