Apple plans to bring FaceID support to MacBooks

July 25, 2020

Apple recently released macOS Big Sur Beta to MacBook users. Upon investigation into the software, users have now discovered some of the upcoming features that Apple plans to add to MacBooks.

According to 9to5 Mac, macOS Big Sur Developer Beta 3 contains references such as “FaceDetect” and “BioCapture” which indicates to the integration of biometric security like FaceID. Moreover, the Developer Beta 3 also contains references to “PearlCamera” which is an internal project name for FaceID on iPhones.

The FaceID implementation on MacBooks would further enhance the security on MacBooks and could be useful on iMacs as those don’t come with fingerprint scanners. It looks like Apple is in the early stages of development so it will be a while before we see FaceIDs on MacBooks and iMacs.

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