Apple resume AirPower wireless charging mat project

by Atiya
March 23, 2020

Announced back in 2017, the AirPower was a special mat designed to charge multiple devices without the need to plug them in.  Unfortunately, the charging mat faced problems with overheating, which was attributed to its dense arrangement of coils.  Around this time last year, Apple decided to abandon the idea, citing the fact that it couldn’t meet its own “high standards”.

Now, Apple is reportedly picking up the project once again.

Since the current prototypes don’t support the Apple Watch, Apple will completely re-engineer the AirPower- which means we’ll see a whole new product all together.

If the AirPower charging mat makes it to market, it would be the first product of its kind.  Existing charging pads offer set charging points for specific devices, whereas Apple’s design gives the user complete freedom.

Source: Neowin

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