Apple new iPad Pro will come with more courage, fewer headphone jacks

July 30, 2018

Apple is launching a new iPad Pro later this year, and it’ll be taking on some of the most contentious aspects of the iPhone X and bringing them to the iPad Pro line.

According to analysts, the firm will be making an iPad with thinner bezels like the iPhone X. Due to these thinner bezels and a thinner iPad in general, Apple is eliminating the home button on the iPad and adding a new Face ID authentication option.

Apple’s new iPads will come in 10.5 and 12.9-inch display sizes, but they will be physically smaller than their previous iterations.

As for the new Face ID, Apple reportedly has it locked to portrait mode, a puzzling decision considering how many users use tablets.

It’s unclear why Apple felt the need to remove the 3.5 mm jack from the iPad when it posses enough space to handle it, once more, out of context analyst reports rarely cast a light on Apple’s reasoning.

We’ll learn more about Apple’s upcoming iPad models as it approaches a fall launch period.

Source: BGR

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