Apple Music might soon get to taste chromecast


1, 2019

Apple Music users might soon get to stream songs playing in Apple Music from their Android smartphone to all the chromecast-connected tech such as Android TV, Google Home devices to name a few. 9to5Google noticed some four new strings in the Apple Music version 2.8.1 and in the subsequent version 2.8.2 as well. All these strings point to chromecast compatibility.

So those of you using Apple Music and own a chromecast will be able to control and browse playback using your Apple Music app on Android assuming Apple will be committed to the project until it translates into a full-fledged feature. Note, Apple can take a complete u-turn from here and cancel the project at any moment.

Adding chromecast support in Apple Music would certainly be a bold move from Apple. Although official notification is yet to come, given the past records, the likelihood of Apple bringing its music service to chromecaste is very high. The logic is simple when it comes to services the more you provide choices to the users, there is a good chance that you will see a jump in revenue.

Via: TechRadar

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