Apple is working on a 32-core high performance chip that could blow away Intel

December 7, 2020
Apple M1

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Apple M1

Apple recently introduced its M1 chip with the latest Mac products. The Apple M1 8-core CPU can deliver up to 2.8x faster performance than an Intel processor. Also, the integrated 8-core GPU is up to 5x faster when compared to Intel integrated GPU.

Today, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on a series of new M-series chips that will outperform all the high-end Intel chips. These chips are expected to be available in 2021.

The upcoming M-series chips are expected to be available in upgraded versions of the MacBook Pro, both entry-level and high-end iMac desktops, and later a new Mac Pro. These products are expected to be available as early as the spring and later in the fall.

“If they live up to expectations, they will significantly outpace the performance of the latest machines running Intel chips.”

Other details about the upcoming Apple M-series chips:

  • Apple is testing 16-core and 32-core graphics parts for its future high-end laptops and mid-range desktops,
  • For later in 2021 or potentially 2022, Apple is working on pricier graphics upgrades with 64 and 128 dedicated cores aimed at its highest-end machines.
  • For higher-end desktop computers, planned for later in 2021 and a new half-sized Mac Pro planned to launch by 2022, Apple is testing a chip design with as many as 32 high-performance cores.

Apple is expected to complete its transition away from Intel chips in 2022.

Source: Bloomberg

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