Apple is moving towards a purchase of Intel’s smartphone modem division


23, 2019

Apple is reportedly moving towards a $1 billion purchase of Intel’s smartphone modem chip business, as per the Wall Street Journal. This move is believed to be one that would serve to further bring more of the iPhone’s crucial components in-house, allowing Apple to build its marquee devices from top to bottom. Even as rival firms like Huawei, Samsung and Oppo (OnePlus) push out 5G devices, Apple has been falling behind in this race, at least publicly speaking.

A deal between the two firms would grant Apple access to Intel’s 5G modem technology, as well as its patents and engineering staff. For Intel, the smartphone modem business has been a drain on its resources at worst and a distraction at best. The firm has since tried to offload its business to other buyers, with Apple seemingly being its best bet at the moment.

Apple and Intel are expected to reach an agreement soon, potentially within the next week.

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