Apple fixes embarrassing Siri flaw, now denies the existence of other phones




Apple apparently thought Siri made a “mistake” when it recommended the Nokia Lumia 900 as the best smartphone ever. While quite hilarious, the iPhone 4S’s virtual assistant has quickly been patched to give out hard-coded answers like “the one you’re holding“, “you’re kidding, right?” and and the reality-denying “wait… there are other phones?” instead of relying on user satisfaction ratings.

To be fair, the previous response was determined by a grand total of four reviews, as you can still see on Wolfram Alpha, where Siri gets its data from. Still, over 300 reviews on Amazon don’t paint a very different picture…

Hopefully at some point not just consumer ratings but market share itself will deliver Apple a wake-up call.

Source: CNET, image credit: The Verge

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