Apple announces iPadOS 15 with improved widgets experience and more

June 7, 2021
Apple iPadOS 15

Apple iPadOS 15

Apple today announced the new iPadOS 15 with several new features including improved widgets, new multitasking features, mentions and tags in Notes app, new Translate app, ability to build apps with Swift Playgrounds and more.


  • You can now place widgets anywhere on your iPad home screen.
  • New large widget size.
  • Also coming to iPad is the App Library, automatically organizing apps into helpful categories like Productivity, Games, and Recently Added, and allowing users to access all their apps right from the Dock.


Improved Notes app:

  • You can now mention people in your notes. (Similar to Microsoft Word and Google Docs)
  • You can now tag your notes and find notes easily using tags.
  • Notes is now available throughout the iPadOS and it can be invoked using a simple gesture.

New Translate app:

  • Apple Translate app is now available for iPad.
  • Translate app now supports automatic translation between languages.
  • Translate is now available across iOS, iPadOS and macOS. You can select any text and get translation for the same.

Swift Playground app:

  • You can now build apps for iOS and iPadOS using the updated Swift Playground app available for iPad.

Improved multitasking:

  • Improved multitasking gestures will allow you to easily switch between different apps and manage the app windows.
  • iPadOS 15 makes working with multiple apps easier than ever. A new multitasking menu appears at the top of apps, letting users go into Split View or Slide Over with just a tap. Users now have quick access to the Home Screen when using Split View, making it easier to get to the right app. Using the new shelf, they can also multitask with apps that have multiple windows like Safari and Pages, as well as quickly preview emails.
  • The experience with an external keyboard allows users to get more done with all-new keyboard shortcuts and a redesign of the menu bar. Users can quickly set up and switch between Split View and Slide Over with new shortcuts for multitasking right from the keyboard.

Improved Safari:

  • Safari gets a new tab design that lets users see more of the page as they browse. A new tab bar takes on the color of the webpage and combines tabs, the toolbar, and the search field into a single, compact design. Tab Groups offer a new way to easily save and manage tabs — great for planning trips, shopping, or storing frequently visited tabs. Tab Groups also sync across Mac and iPhone, so users can continue their project from anywhere or easily share them with friends and family. Safari on iPad also now supports web extensions, available from the App Store.

Tools to focus:

  • iPadOS 15 delivers powerful tools that help users focus and reduce distractions. Focus is a new feature that filters notifications based on what a user is doing. Users can set their device to help them be in the moment by creating a custom Focus or selecting a suggested one based on their context, like during their work hours or while they’re winding down for bed. Users can also create Home Screen pages with apps and widgets that apply to moments of focus to only display relevant apps and reduce temptation.

Other improvements:

  • Privacy is taken to the next level with new protections, transparency features, and controls. Mail Privacy Protection helps stop trackers from snooping on an email, and App Privacy Report provides transparency into how apps are sharing information with other companies.4
  • Siri is designed to protect user privacy. Now, with on-device speech recognition, audio of Siri requests is processed entirely on iPad by default,and performance improves significantly. Siri also adds Announce Notifications on AirPods, the ability for users to share what’s on their screen just by asking, and more.
  • iCloud+ combines everything users love about iCloud with new premium features, including Hide My Email, expanded HomeKit Secure Video support, and an innovative new internet privacy service, iCloud Private Relay, at no additional cost.Current iCloud subscribers will be upgraded to iCloud+ automatically this fall. All iCloud+ plans can be shared with people in the same Family Sharing group, so everyone can enjoy the new features, storage, and elevated experience that comes with the service.
  • New accessibility features are designed to work the way users do. The VoiceOver screen reader now uses on-device intelligence to explore objects within images, enabling users to discover more details about the people, text, table data, and other objects within images. Support for third-party eye-tracking hardware enables users to control iPad using only their eyes. Background sounds play continuously and mix into or duck under other audio and system sounds to mask unwanted environmental or external noise, and help users focus, stay calm, or rest. Sound Actions lets users customize Switch Control to work with mouth sounds. Users can now customize display and text size on an app-by-app basis.

Source: Apple

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