Another blow for Windows 10 on ARM as HP Envy x2 with LTE and Intel Core-Y processor becomes available

If like me, you liked the look of the HP Envy X2 always connected PC, but were not happy to be a guinea pig for Windows 10 on ARM, the good news is that a variant of the same great device is now available, powered by an Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor.

Essentially the same device, with LTE still included, the mobile Intel processor is paired with Intel’s HD Graphics 615, so don’t expect a speed demon, but this is the same combination as Microsoft’s fanless Surface Pro, so performance should be perfectly adequate.

Further good news is that the Intel processor only bumps up the price by $150, from $999 to $1,149.99.  Of course, you lose the 22-hour battery life of the ARM version, but gain full compatibility with all legacy Windows 10 software.

The new device can be seen at HP here.

Will our readers who dismissed this PC earlier now reconsider? Let us know below.

Via the WC

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