Android Q to come with a new Find My Accessories feature for Fast Pair devices and a Bluetooth settings revamp

Google I/O 2019 saw many cool demos of features coming to the next version of Android, officially named as Android Q. One of the new features coming to the Android Q is “Find My Accessories” for Fast Pair enabled devices. Also, the company announced a revamped Bluetooth settings page for devices running Android Q.

Find My Accessory is a new Fast Pair feature on the Find My Device app and it will help Android Q users to find their earbuds or other Bluetooth accessories. Google will show you where the Bluetooth accessory last disconnected on a map in the Find My Device app(via XDA).

Talking about the new Bluetooth settings page, Google confirmed that the Bluetooth settings page is where users will be able to see detailed battery information of your accessories, manage Assistant and notification settings, change touch controls, control audio tuning, and toggle in-ear detection. The feature isn’t available at this moment and is expected to hit the beta branch soon.

OEMs can control these settings through their own companion apps and to make the overall experience better, Google urges OEMs to use the Slices API.