And the name of the next Semi-annual Windows Update is….

by Surur
July 12, 2018

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Microsoft has had an exciting journey with naming their bi-annual Windows 10 update,  starting with the pedestrian November update, followed by more appealing  Anniversary update, the dashing Creators update, the oddly named Fall Creators Update and most recently the really boring April 2018 update.

With two updates per year there is, of course, another on the way in a few months, and today well known Microsoft leaker WalkingCat has revealed the name, and it appears, unlike for each previous update, on this occasion, Microsoft will be sticking to their new formula.

According to WalkingCat the Redstone 5 update due later this year will be called the October 2018 update. This year Microsoft barely managed to get the April 2018 update out in April, but the effort the company put in strongly suggests we can expect the update to arrive in October, even if its the 31st.

The October 2018 update is set to include improvements to the design of Windows 10, with a better dark theme, more fluent design, improvements in Microsoft Edge, and Sets may or most likely may make the cut-off. It will be arriving later this year, whether you want it or not.

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