Microsoft Surface Headphones are expensive; there is no second thought about. Most of us, fans included, don’t want to spend $349.99 to buy headphones. But thanks to Amazon Prime 2019, you can now purchase Microsoft’s Surface Headphones at half of its original price. The Surface Headphones are now down to $189.99.

The headphones, which are appealing especially to developers and other office workers who want to maintain their productivity in distraction-prone environments, utilize 4 beam-forming microphones, 4 active noise-canceling microphones, and 13 levels of noise reduction for up to 30 dB for active noise cancellation to keep users focused.

They also feature 40 mm free drivers delivering up to115 dB, automatic pause and play, support phone calls,  USB-C charging, 3.5mm connectivity, Microsoft’s own Bluetooth fast pair technology and 15 hours of battery life.

You can purchase the Surface Headphones from the below link.

via: WC