As early as 2014, Amazon has been selling barcode scanners for its Prime Fresh service.  In 2017, the Dash Wand saw further improvements after the addition of Alexa’s capabilities.  Now, the latest versions of the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 devices have their own integrated barcode scanners.

While only 2% of Echo owners used their device to purchase products, around 43% use it to create shopping lists.  Amazon has just updated its Shopping List feature so that the above Echo Show devices can add items to the list by scanning their barcode.  It works in the same way as the scanner on the Amazon App.

This feature complements another recent accessibility feature- Alexa Show and Tell.  With this, visually impaired Echo Show owners can simply hold an item in front of the camera and use the phrase “Alexa, what am I holding” to identify it.

To activate the barcode scanning feature, just say “Alexa, scan this to my shopping list”.  At which point, instructions will show up, which tell you to align the product barcode with the one on screen.

After you scan the product, the Echo Show will show confirmation that it’s been added to your List:

Are any of our readers part of the 2% of Echo Show users who’ve used the product ordering feature?  Are you excited for the barcode scanning feature?

Source: Venturebeat, Via: Engadget