Amazon explains why they dropped their Windows Phone app, leaves door open for a Windows 10 version

by Surur
June 30, 2016

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Amazon has been slowly withdrawing their app from the Windows Store, with the app currently saying:

The Windows Phone App will be retired on July 25, 2016. Please visit our website.

The short missive in the app unfortunately does not explain Amazon’s motivations, but Softpedia reports that the company has delivered a short statement which explains a bit more.

“Thanks for reaching out and your interest in the Amazon App for Windows Phone. Regarding your questions below, we cannot comment on our product roadmap. The current Amazon App was built on Windows 8 and it does not provide the most customer obsessed experience for Windows 10. We encourage customers to visit in their mobile browser where they will have access to our newest shopping features and customer experience.”

A generous reading of the statement suggests that Amazon is planning to deliver “the most customer obsessed experience for Windows 10” that we are apparently demanding and of course the company did not deny any plans for a Windows 10 app.

In recent months we have seen a number of once missing apps return to the Windows Store stronger and better as Universal Windows Apps, and given the 350 million people on Windows 10 I am sure the company will be happy to have an even closer connection with their customers while they use their PCs, not to mention having free advertising space on your start menu and notification centre.

Do our readers think Amazon will be back? Let us know below.

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