Amazon announce Alexa Together, a paid remote assistance service for the elderly

by Surur
September 28, 2021

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Amongst their other announcements and services, Amazon announced one aimed at helping the elderly and infirm.

Alexa Together is an expansion on Alexa Care Hub, a feature which allows the elderly to easily call for help from a contact and offers notifications and alerts to carers when the user uses Alexa, so the carer will know the person is active.

Alexa Together is designed to help ageing family members feel more comfortable and confident living independently and to give their families the reassurance of knowing they’re doing well. The new subscription offers features such as Care alerts and easy ways to call for help, and adds a paid Urgent Response feature, enabling hands-free 24/7 access to a professional emergency helpline. It’s also compatible with third-party devices that can detect when someone has fallen at home.

Ageing loved ones can choose to set up Remote Assist, making it simple for you to help them get the most out of Alexa from afar. As a caregiver, you can do things like set reminders on your loved one’s devices or link a music service so they can easily play their favourite songs. You can also add contacts to their Alexa account so they can call friends and family, hands-free.

Alexa Together makes it possible for multiple people to provide support for a loved one.

Alexa Together pricing & availability

Alexa Together will be available for $19.99 a month, after a free six-month trial for new customers, or a one-year trial for existing Care Hub customers, when Alexa Together launches later this year.

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