All seem to be not well for Google in India



iPhones are expensive, really expensive in India. This lets Android capture most of the market share, which in turn helps them to enjoy a monopoly in the country. Now, India suspects that Google might have misused its dominant position in the smartphone market and that it should be investigated.

India to follow the European Commission’s footsteps as the Competition Commission of India(CCI) has planned to conduct a full investigation into the matter.

The CCI first received a complaint, which accused Google of choking competitors’ business last year, and it is until the last month the Competition Commission decided to launch a full probe into the matter, according to a report by Reuters. The investigation is expected to be completed in the next year.

In counter, a Google spokesperson said, “Android has enabled millions of Indians to connect to the internet by making mobile devices more affordable. We look forward to working with the Competition Commission of India to demonstrate how Android has led to more competition and innovation, not less.”

If the final result of the investigation doesn’t go in Google’s favor, then the Mountain View-based company has to lose 10% of its local revenue or 300% of its net profits as fine, according to Techcrunch.

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