AirPods Pro users are reportedly experiencing diminished noise-cancellation, which seems to become more and more noticeable with each successive update.

The problem can be dated back as early as the firmware version 2B588 update back in November, and it’s become even more noticeable after firmware update 2C54- which Apple later pulled for reasons undisclosed.

Unfortunately, users have no control over AirPods software updates, as they are automatically delivered when you plug them in to charge.  Likewise, there’s no way to revert to older firmware version.

You can view the current firmware of your AirPods under your iPhone settings when they’re connected.

There’s speculation that Apple purposely diminished the noise cancellation to alleviate the side-effects (like headaches) that some people were experiencing.

Have any of our readers noticed a deterioration in the music quality of their AirPods Pro recently?  Let us know below.

Source: TheVerge