5 Best AI Art Generators for Etsy

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If you want to succeed in digital art, an AI art generator can help. These artificial intelligence-enabled tools make turning your artistic ideas into reality easy and practical.

You can also sell your art on platforms like Etsy Shop and create a passive income. Many artists make a decent amount of money doing this.

However, to sell your art, you must look amazing while maintaining your natural look. That’s why I’ve compiled the best AI art generators for Etsy in this post to help you up your game.

Check out these options, experiment, and find the most suitable AI art generator for your needs.

1. Fotor – Best easy-to-use AI art generator for Etsy

fotor free ai art generator

The Fotor AI art generator is powered by artificial intelligence and allows you to create masterpieces. You can do endless tasks with Fotor, from realistic portraits and oil paintings to digital illusions.

Creating stunning visual images from text has always been easy with the Fotor AI art generator. Just fill in a text prompt describing the image you want to create and enjoy as the magic of Fotor turns plain words into masterpieces instantly.

Whether it’s your stunning portraits, cute selfies, or sketches, the Fotor image to AI art tool makes it easy to turn images into anime, cartoons, sketches, and a wide range of AI art.

Fotor AI art generator allows you to edit, making it easier to follow your artistic ambitions.

With a large selection of art style examples, dynamic AI art suggestions, and the ability to create multiple objects, you can transform every aspect of your art.

To make every effort to create a perfect image, use the Fotor AI image generator to fine-tune the AI settings, including art shapes, techniques, compositions, highlights, and shadows.

2. Adobe Firefly – Best for various styles

adobe firefly

Adobe Firefly is among the best AI art generators for Etsy. Its text-to-image feature can be used widely in conceptual art, photography, advertising, and graphic design.

You can create stunning images, change text, experiment with colors, and more with simple prompts.

The brush tool allows adding or removing elements while applying textures or styles to phrases and words. Besides, you only need one click to change the appearance of an image.

This AI art generator has several AI models which serve different uses. For example, the first model focuses on image creation, text effects, and vector reconstruction.

You can quickly edit images by typing commands. Plus, Adobe Firefly can help create content brushes, potential photo and video workflows, and existing images based on user preferences.

By integrating sophisticated artificial intelligence into the creative process, Adobe Firefly aims to revolutionize creativity and interaction with digital art and design.

The platform constantly evolves, and with demand for new features, it promises to deliver a top-notch creative experience.

3. starryAI – Best for user-friendliness

starryai art generator

starryAI is an AI-powered app designed mainly for generating art. Its AI technology turns your words into captivating artwork with a simple text prompt.

Starryai has made AI art generation a walk in the park since the app is user-friendly and intuitive. Besides, it’s available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. It only requires essential inputs from you, making it a unique feature.

The starryAI art generator offers a vast array of models and styles, providing you with an extensive range of options to choose from.

The AI image generator tool gives you a high level of customization. This means you can tailor the output according to your preferences.

starryAI regularly updates its models to enhance user experience and improve output quality. These frequent updates ensure that you consistently receive the best results.

4. Canva AI Image Generator – Best for user safety

best ai art generators for etsy

With Canva AI image generator, you can always access the perfect image, even if it still needs to be created.

Bring your ideas to life by creating visual representations of products or concepts, unleashing your creativity, and pushing boundaries.

All you need to do is enter your text prompt and witness how your words and phrases change into stunning images that can be utilized in various creative projects such as presentations or social media posts.

The underlying concept of this AI art generator for Etsy is to continuously provide you with inspiring ideas that can be transformed into AI-generated art images.

Explore different styles for your AI-generated images with our options, including Pencil, Color Watercolor, Retrowave, Filmic, and Neon.

Choose a specific style and aspect ratio that aligns with the desired concept you wish to convey. Through this AI art generator app, you can effortlessly convert text prompts into art pieces that capture your thoughts and present options.

To ensure safe and responsible usage of the Text to Image feature, we have implemented multiple safety measures, including automated reviews of input prompts to identify any terms that may generate inappropriate content.

5. Artbreeder – Best for sharing art ideas


Artbreeder is one of Etsy’s best AI art generators, combining collaboration and creativity.

You can unleash your artistic expression by remixing any image to make it unique and personal.

This AI art generator enables you to bring your visions to life by crafting simple collages using images and shapes. You only need to describe your creation with a prompt and let Artbreeder do the rest.

Artbreeder has a splicer feature that enables you to generate captivating images by blending and modifying them.

Its community allows you to connect with creators and share ideas and your work with them.

The Artbreeder AI art generator helps artists across various domains to discover credible ways to enrich their creativity.

Lastly, this AI tool is free, but you can also sign up for premium plans, with the Starter Plan going for $8.99, Advanced Plan for $18.99, and Champion Plan for $38.99.

Is AI-Generated Art Allowed on Etsy?

Yes, you have the opportunity to offer for sale any artwork or designs produced with the aid of artificial intelligence on the Etsy marketplace, provided that you possess the appropriate rights to utilize those images.

Final Words

AI art generator is a software program that can create unique and beautiful works of art. Now, owners of Etsy shops can use this technology to make breathtaking art pieces that are special, reasonably priced, and in line with current trends.

To ensure you get incredible AI-generated art images as results, it’s important to research, pick the right tool, and provide accurate information whenever needed.