Age of Empires 4 aims to target newcomers with “analytic-based tutorialising”


29, 2019

RTS games are notoriously dense for newcomers of the genre, but that isn’t stopping Age of Empires 4. Aiming to please veterans and newcomers alike, the long-awaited forth entry in the series will use analytic-based tutorialising to introduce its players.

In an interview with website PCGamesN, Creative Director Adam Isgreen explained how the upcoming RTS game would be targeting greenhorn RTS players with this new entry.

“There’s a lot of things we’re doing [with tutorials],” Isgreen told the website.
While Isgreen said he doing couldn’t reveal much about the developer’s plans for AOE4, be did reveal that they’re working hard to make sure new players aren’t left confused.

“[There’s] a lot of it pivots on the things we’re doing around campaigns,” Isgreen said. “I will say that we’re doing something completely different that’s never been done in an Age game before, or – I can’t think of another game where you can do what we’re doing for campaigns in Age.”

“[We’re also] leveraging a ton of things […] like compute power that we have available to us now to do analytic-based tutorialising, and all kinds of things where we can see how players are playing and be like, ‘Hey! Did you know you can do this? Or hey, this cool thing that you’re not doing?’

Isgreen also wants players to learn through playing with scenarios designed around teaching players to tackle certain situations.

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“When we get to 4, because our civilisations are further apart now, you can bet that the Art of War section of it will also have scenarios dealing with those specific civilisations.”

Age of Empires 4 finally got a gameplay reveal at X019. For a full run-down of X019 announcements, check this out!

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